Machine Dreaming

Can I create my own design companion? My own design AI? How far do I go using the machine? What are the poetics of machine learning?

This thesis is about exploring art and artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning which is the study of computer algorithms that improve through experience. The core thing of what machine learning does is to find patterns in data to then use those patterns to in some way predict the future.

I define a machine which works and generates images according to the given rules. The rules are set in time and in data. The decision, however, as in all creative processes, is up to the creator (in this the architect) so it is as much a part of the creation as the setting up of the data. The method is a mix of my own personality and imagination and the impersonal machine (my computer).

With me during the process, I found inspiration from other creators working with machines in different experimental ways that diverge from the original purpose of their machine/tool. The project is an investigation of contemporary technologies where I try to understand my tool through a series of experiments.